Sparkle Quilt Promo

Sparkle! This online/on demand class offers 16 video lessons, broken down into digestible bites. There are more than 190 minutes of video in total!

You can watch, stop, pause, restart, etc. You are in control of this online/on demand class.

Please watch my video to hear more about it.

A little about the quilt!

I designed this quilt combining two of my favorite quilt blocks, the

Rambler and V Star (also known as the Peaky and Spike/54-40 or Fight Block). This

quilt literally sparkles! If you collect or love Fat Quarters, this is the quilt to make. It

makes fabulous usage of Fat Quarters, and it is perfect for any color background.

For the most sparkle, go with a high contrast between your background fabric

and Fat Quarters. I used a green accent fabric throughout her chain. You

can select any color, but try to use your accent color minimally within the Fat

Quarters so that it pops!